Pert Motion Sensor

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  • The Pert Motion Sensor is a battery based PIR Sensor that works on RF Technology.
  • Receive alerts on your smartphone if your Motion Sensor detects movement.
  • Automate connected devices with Pert Products and set them to turn on or off if your Motion Sensor detects movement.
  • Requires Pert Multi Sensor.


Easy Installation

Pert motion sensor is easy to set up and use. The installation process is hassle free & connects to the multi-sensor.


Super Sensitive

Will detect almost any kind of movement within it’s range, even a minimal gesture or any speedy movement will be easily detected.



Provides real time updates to your smartphone as soon as any motion is detected in the area. With our super fast web services you will get notified immediately.



Provides your home with extra layer of security from unnecessary visitors to the sanctity of your private space.


We got all them angles

Pert motion sensor can also be adjusted into all possible angles to point towards whichever direction the user chooses as per their needs once it is mounted. The ball socket within the bracket allows 3-Dimensional wide view arrangement. So there is no restriction in how to arrange the motion sensor as it built with all types of situations & environments in mind.


Save Tons of Energy

Pert motion sensor has been designed to conserve energy based on your movement throughout your house. You can set custom behavior models based on your preferences on the pert app. So the light turns on only when you’re inside a room & off when you walk out, so there will no more fights in the house based on who left a switch on.


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