Pert Curtain Control

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  • Works on virtually all your existing horizontal curtains. Completely retrofittable.
  • Easy installation. Imagine waking up with natural light.
  • Makes your curtains smart and remotely operational with pert app & wifi from anywhere.
  • You can still move your curtains by hand.
  • Saves electricity bills & helps manage temperature.
  • Works in sync with other Pert Products


Maximum Durability

Pert Curtain Control is designed to withstanding consistent usage on a day to day or hour to hour basis without sustaining much frictional damage. Be assured of it’s long-lasting & heavy-duty nature, your curtains could fall off but the controller will still keep working.


Easy Installation

Pert curtain control is setup is designed in such a way that by the time you prepare a cup of tea you will have a smart curtain ready to go. It doesn’t even take special equipment or tools to setup.


Complete Customization

Controlling curtains with just a tap is cool, but that’s just the start. Get ready to wake up to natural light, let your curtains close on sunset, save energy & keep your house at the right temperature. You’ll even be burglar proof during your vacations.


More Integration

We’ve worked hard to integrate all our products to work in smart home ecosystems especially with IFTTT & Amazon ALEXA. Smart curtains are one thing but a true smart home is dependent on co-existing with the entire home.


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