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ZKD180 handheld metal detector, which applies the latest technology of ZKTeco, is a light weight and portable device. The device provides the best possible precision for the detection of metal, even as small as a coin.It also has the option of vibration alert for noisy places and a beep alert for quiet ones.You can create a safe environment by employing the handheld metal detectors to inspect mostly dangerous items. ZKD180 can be applied to a wild range of situation such as Schools, Airports, Event Spots, Libraries, etc.


High Sensitive & User Friendly

ZKD 180 applies high sensitive coil thanks to the latest technology developed by ZKTeco. It provides the most reliable user experience while still giving a simple way to use. Even a pin-size stuff can be detected.


Range & Strength Indicator

The indicator lights can give you a general idea of the distance between the object and the wand. The closer they are, the more lights will flash while it vibrates.


Adjustable Sensitivity+Long Battery Life

ZKD180 applies Energy-Saving technology. The rechargable battery allows it keep working for more than 40 hrs and only requires 3-6 hrs charging time. While holding the button on the top of the handle, you can simply let go the small objects but still detect big ones.


LED + Audio Alerts

ZKD180 also has the option of vibration alert for noisy workshops and beep alert for quiet ones. Simply to push the switch up for vibration alert and down for beep alert.


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