Pert Multi Sensor

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Pert Multi Sensor

  • The Pert Multi Sensor is a Wi-Fi enabled smart Sensor, which has IR Transmitter, IR Receiver, Temperature, Luminosity & Gas Sensor.
  • Control all your IR Appliances Like Television, Set top Box, Air-conditioner, Music System, DVD players,etc.
  • The Multi Sensor allows you to dynamically control all your appliances with the pert app via setting customised rules.
  • Fully custom built using high grade military infrared material.


Universal Remote

Turn your smartphone into a smart remote that controls all your appliances such as TVs, set-top boxes, DVD players, Music Systems,Air conditioners, etc. with a single & simple tap.


Temperature Sensor

Save energy & cut bills with the pert multi-sensor
as it dynamically manages your air-conditioner via temperature sensing & turning off when not required.


Luminosity Sensor

Brighten your life as the pert multi-sensor automatically detects optimal brightness settings for your environment & illuminates it accordingly.


Gas Sensor

Feel safe with the pert multi-sensor as it detects even trace amounts of gas leakage in the surroundings & immediately alerts you to its presence.


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